Understanding + Preventing Injury in 取证 Investigations

When people are injured or killed in an accident, it’s critical to understand why. Our biomedical and biomechanical engineers are experts in forensic injury investigation, and we have biomechanical experts worldwide ready to respond. Our multidisciplinary team of electrical and mechanical engineers, 材料科学家, 化学家, 物理学家, emergency management experts and other forensic scientists determine if machinery and other equipment, instruments or facilities issues contributed to injury or fatality. We’re fluent in relevant industry codes and standards and our laboratories are equipped to recreate events and test consumer products, industrial equipment and medical devices.


The World Health Organization (WHO) reports 1.3 million fatalities annually from road traffic accidents. 仅在美国, there are nearly 7 million transportation accidents resulting in 40,000人死亡,更多的人受伤. These often result in lawsuits and insurance 索赔. Our biomechanical engineers and accident reconstructionists determine crash dynamics and analyze vehicle and occupant kinematics to determine if claimed injuries occurred in an accident and if they could have been prevented. These insights can help you make decisions on personal injury, premises liability and 产品责任 索赔.


根据世界卫生组织, preventable medical error is reported as the 14th leading cause of death across the world. As most patient care includes a medical device or healthcare technology, understanding the contribution of medical devices, 他们的使用, and their environment to patient injury or death is critical in root cause analyses and prevention of future incidents. Our biomedical experts investigate healthcare technology incidents rapidly and thoroughly in the interest of patient safety and high reliability. Biomechanics forensic injury investigation coupled with patient safety and quality, 生命安全, and emergency management ensures the safest healthcare environment.


重型机械, 工作时间长,工作条件多变, workplace accidents in industrial settings are common. We’re biomechanical experts in forensic investigation of complex industrial 索赔 and bring in a multidisciplinary team to determine the root causes. We bring a deep understanding of OSHA and other international standards to our investigation and always provide insight into how to mitigate industrial incidents in the future.